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Anonymous Celebrity

Recently my rockstar agent inked a deal for one of her other authors with Reese Witherspoon’s production company. I’ve never met Reese, but she’s one of those relatable celebrities, like Jennifer Garner, who makes you think that if you did … Continue reading

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Cheating death

Ages ago, before I ever started writing Roots of The Olive Tree, I read an article in National Geographic about a specific species of jellyfish (turritopsis nutricula) who cheat death–and in some way achieve a measure of immortality. What interested … Continue reading

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The Witching Hour

I’m going to my first midnight movie tonight. Like many cultural trends, this one started when I was too far into adulthood to take much notice. The last time I stood in line for a movie, I was seven years … Continue reading

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Foolproof Wishes

By the end of grade school, every child understands the danger of genies. Sure, they grant wishes, but there are inevitably unforseen consequences. You wish to be wealthy and your mother dies–leaving you a healthy insurance policy, wish for world … Continue reading

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The Cloud Gate

I’m a city girl. My parents tried their hardest to suburbandize me, but it didn’t stick. I married a city planner and together we’ve lived in a succession of cities and visited most of the heavy hitters (New York, Los … Continue reading

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